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Welcome To The CSBA

Hello and welcome to our organization. The Christian Sport Bike Association is all about making disciples, sharing the word, going out and having a good time.   If that is something you would be interested in, we would love for you to participate in this Ministry.  Whether you want to start a chapter or just go out and have a ride.   Please browse our website, register on our forum, and meet some new people.  We are even on Facebook.  We hope to see you out there.

Thank you and God Bless,

Mark Hamm, President
Christian Sport Bike Association (CSBA)

Our State Chapters

United States Map of CSBA Chapters

Faith and Motorcycling Led Me To The CSBA Featured

mark introTo recall how I came to the CSBA, it makes sense to consider how I came to motorcycling. My brother rode motorcycles for years before I did and I decided to start, so it would be something we could do together. It was around March of 2004 and I bought an old Honda 450 Night Hawk from him. I took the MSF Basic Rider course and finished with my motorcycle license. I rode that 450 until August when the inspection ran out and the repairs necessary for inspection cost more than the bike. I then bought a Buell Lightning that same month, crashed it in October and smashed my right foot. Recovery took until February and by April I was riding again. My brother rides big touring bikes with a moderate pace and I like to ride sport bike style with a slightly faster pace. So, since our styles didn't complement so well, I sought out another group.

I either heard about the CSBA online or a friend recommended them to me, I can't remember which it was. I do know I found out that they met at a diner on the first Saturday of the month and during warmer months, they might ride. I looked them up online and applied for membership immediately. True to their word, it was mostly a ride up, eat breakfast, talk about bikes, then ride home kind of group. We did occasionally go for rides, but not every month. This went on for about a year, then the chapter leader just stopped coming out, no explanation, no goodbye. Within a few months another member took up being the chapter leader and we had a good ride up to the Poconos. I didn't get to finish it because something was on my mind and I couldn't focus. I said good bye to the two other riders and headed home. The next month, that chapter leader stopped coming out, again, no explanation, no goodbye.


There is a time and a season for all things

bob brown introMany years ago, I had a customer who told me about the CSBA, I was intrigued.  The concept of Christ, fast motorcycles and adrenaline seemed like a very odd mix.  I knew as a Christian I did not fit in with the stereotypical version of what a Christian was.  Attendance in the little church on the corner, white picket fence, a wife and 2.2 children. I was and still am an adrenaline junky.  Fast riding, pushing it to the edge applied not just to my style of riding but to how I lived my life and ran a business.  I was fed up with the feminization of the church and was not one of those guys that was going to lay down with the little lamb and be soft spoken.

I check out the bulletin board back then, you could just post and wait for a response, it was very old technology, but it worked.  I posted a query about joining, being very honest about who I was and how I rode, I expected a very nice note refusing my membership.  Instead, I got a call from Brian Philips who was more than glad to have me. 

I chatted on the board for a few months before attending my first rally in Ohio.  Back then Brian was the only one besides me on a sport bike.  Their passion for Christ was real and it felt great to be among Christian believers.  My brother Dave had a church in Columbus, and I had shared with Brian about his success in building a church from scratch and turning it into a very large church.  Dave was to join us that Saturday evening around the camp fire.  In true Brown fashion Dave managed to wreck a borrowed bike on the way to the retreat.  He showed up a little banged up, a little stressed out and a little overwhelmed from the experience of sliding off the road with his first crash, and wrecking a friend’s bike. 

He joined the group around the campfire and asked only for something to drink.  We walked to a cooler to grab something when he shared with me the experience.  I told him not to worry, I would take care of the wrecked bike and to just enjoy the evening and relax.

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