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Welcome To The CSBA

Hello and welcome to our organization. The Christian Sport Bike Association is all about making disciples, sharing the word, going out and having a good time.   If that is something you would be interested in, we would love for you to participate in this Ministry.  Whether you want to start a chapter or just go out and have a ride.   Please browse our website, register on our forum, and meet some new people.  We are even on Facebook.  We hope to see you out there.

Thank you and God Bless,

Mark Hamm, President
Christian Sport Bike Association (CSBA)

Our State Chapters

United States Map of CSBA Chapters

January 2016 CSBA Newsletter

Hello all, and Happy New Year. I hope you are in the beginnings of a great New Year. Perhaps you are working on a winter project for your bike or making plans for a new riding season. Or if you're an Australian, you could be in the middle of the riding season. Either way, 2016 looks to be a great year with some new things happening.

As I look back on the past year we were able to get a lot of positive things accomplished. Many of the chapters are doing well and two new chapters were launched. We achieved our non profit status with the federal government and the sales tax license with the Commonwealth of PA. We revised the By-Laws and brought some new faces onto the Board.

This year will continue as last year with the same Operating Principles of Vision, Accountability, and Transparency. We as the Board commit to follow these and model them for you by being: Accountable- Our email addresses are up for you to access us when you need to do so. To call us out if you disagree with a decision or question our actions. Transparent: Whenever the Board meets or has a conference call, the Secretary will take minutes and after approval from the Board, they are posted in the Members Only Section of the forum, so you can see what is being discussed and decided. Any questions and concerns you have can be brought to the Board by your chapter leader for discussion at any of our meetings. We also invite chapter leaders to four conference calls each year.


December 2015 CSBA Newsletter

  The Scripture passage above is from Isaiah 43:18-19, I saw it quoted in a newsletter from my son's school the other day. When I read it the Lord kind of nudged me saying, "this is what I want to do in the C.S.B.A." Our ministry has been through a lot in the time it has been in existence, both good and bad. Sometimes we can get nostalgic and think of how things "used to be". This can happen in other areas of our lives as well. We face difficulties or obstacles, things aren't going the way we like it. Perhaps we don't agree with the decisions of family members or maybe our work/business isn't going the way it once was. It is easy to become discouraged, frustrated, and resign our efforts.

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