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  • 17 October 2023 |
  • Written by  Chris Roddick
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- John with his street bike (the mothership) and his race bike -

For the past decade, John Lasure Jr. has been the President of the Eastern PA Chapter of the CSBA and for the last several years the President of the National Chapter of the CSBA.  Like many of us his roots with the organization began by simply attending some of the CSBA rides, but his strong foundation in Christianity and the love of motorcycles inspired him to become the man he is today.  His commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ boosted his desire to do more for the organization and before long he was promoted to the roles that he currently maintains.

John is one of the most selfless people you could meet, concerned about others well being and their prosperity more than his own.  He voluntary opens his home to host men’s bible studies, consoles members when they are ill or experiencing some type of misfortune, and shows an unwavering commitment to oversee the success of the Eastern PA Chapter of the CSBA to share the positive experiences that he has received while being a part of the organization. 

In total, John has been with the organization for more than 17 years and he has shown his true devotion to the organization and the Lord during that time. His upbeat personality, fantastic communication skills, and networking abilities have allowed the Eastern PA Chapter to expand its reach that has taken the Lord's word to less common venues. He began by spreading the word at weekend bike gatherings and shows at motorcycle dealerships. Then in the spring of 2013 he started the "CSBA Day at the Races" track day events, which grew rapidly and led to additional membership within the CSBA, as well as some sponsorship from local, regional, and national companies. It also attracted the attention of the publishers at Sport Bikes, Inc. Magazine who conducted an interview with him about the CSBA and the CSBA Day @ the Races program. The article titled "Know Your Role: A Club of another Cloth" was featured in the December 2014 issue of the magazine and may be read online through the following link: Click to View Article.

CSBAJune2014 81 X2

- John at New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt Racway CSBA Day at the Races Event -

CSBAJune2014 87 X3

- John at New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt Raceway CSBA Day at the Races CSBA Event -

With that being said, over the last 7 weeks, John has unexpectedly encountered some health issues.  I was notified about the situation on Sunday and went to visit John at the hospital yesterday to provide my support and offer my prayers.   After some conversation with him and with his blessing he wanted me to share with his friends and CSBA members the situation he is currently facing.  Without getting into too much detail and to provide him with some privacy, I will say that he is very ill and that the prognosis is difficult to accept.  Despite this, his spirit remains high and his determination to fight this illness is relentless.  While visiting I got to meet his children whom have traveled from Florida and Alabama to be alongside him, providing him with much needed comfort and encouragement.  His girlfriend, Lorraine has constantly been at his side supporting his physical, mental, and emotional health as they all work to navigate their way through the complex health situation that they are currently facing.

John has shown his selflessness to us for over 17 years and now it is our turn to return the favor to him.  I ask that you pray for him and his family daily and reach out to him by any means you find necessary to show your support.  Feel free to share stories, photos, and memories of the great times that have taken place with him and the CSBA to provide him with the motivation to keep on fighting.  I will be sure to have Lorraine, myself, or other CSBA members close to him share those memories with him.  He holds the CSBA close to his heart and his world revolved around this great organization.  He his facing the biggest challenge of his life and will need all of the encouragement he can get to overcome it.


- John with Mark Hamm and John Dodson at an overlook at Hawk's Nest, NY during the CSBA Pocono Screamer Ride -


- John along with members and guests of the CSBA during the Pocono Screamer Ride -

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