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Hello all,

This came from a motorcycle magazine years ago. I copied it into a Word document and I am thankful I did because you can't find it online anymore. It's a simple essay on motorcycle safety. Here we go:

1. Assume you are invisible and the drivers don't see you
2. Be considerate of others on the road
3. dress for the crash, wear your gear
4. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst in traffic
5. leave your ego at home
6. pay attention to your surroundings, avoid distraction
7. Use mirrors and look over your shoulder for lane changes and turns
8. Be patient
9. Watch your closing speed when passing cars or stopped vehicles ahead
10. Beware of the verge and the merge, watch for roadside debris
11. Look out for left turning cars, #1 killer of motorcyclists
12. Look both ways before you cross any intersection, especially at traffic lights
13. Check your mirrors every time you stop, change lanes, or slow down
14. Keep following distance and scan 12 seconds ahead for trouble
15. Beware of tuner cars, they can go faster, stop quicker and turn sharper than most cars
16. Corners: slow in, fast out; badly handled corners, #1 cause of motorcycle crashes
17. Watch out for deer and other animals
18. Use both front and rear brakes to stop
19. Always cover the front brake lever
20. Look where you want to go
21. Keep your eyes moving, looking for trouble
22. Think before you act
23. 2, 4, and 12 second following distances, look out ahead of yourself
24. Get your mind right in the driveway
25. Come to a complete stop at a stop sign and look both ways before you proceed
26. Never dive into a gap in stalled traffic, there could be a reason for the gap
27. Ride a bike that you can handle
28. Watch for car doors being opened into traffic, in your lane and in the opposing lane
29. Don't assume all four way intersections are four way stops
30. Give time for your eyes to transition in a dark to light transition and vice versa
31. Master the slow U-turn
32. Stay in your comfort zone when you ride in a group
33. Use the rear brake to hold you on a hill when you have to stop
34. If it looks slippery, it is
35. In case of blow out, no sudden moves, break lightly with the good wheel, and pull over
36. Take it easy when if first rains
37. Don't ride unless your emotions are in check
38. If you gear doesn't fit right, buy better stuff or wear something different
39. No I-pod on the ride
40. Learn to swerve
41. Be smooth at low speeds
42. Tap your brake light in traffic to warn others you are stopping
43. Watch intersections carefully, proceed with caution
44. Tune in your peripheral vision
45. Try to get the traffic light to change, if nothing works, then proceed with caution
46. Be careful with night riding
47. Don't ride behind or next to commercial trucks, pass them or give them space
48. Practice panic stops with your brakes
49. Check your tires for damage and air pressure
50. Let go of schmucks getting you mad, it ain't worth it
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