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TOPIC: PACSBA - October 7th, 2017 ”Shamokin Screamer

PACSBA - October 7th, 2017 ”Shamokin Screamer 1 year 6 months ago #793

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Shamokin Screamer Promo

Take II - yes, RELOAD for our RELOAD! We refuse to give-up on this route until we can run it proper - We did a fresh recon, the roads are looking good - We're Ready! Are you ready?

On Saturday, October 7th, the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Christian Sport Bike Association will be having it's scheduled October Monthly Ride - but we're pulling back a favorite for a second attempt - The "Shamokin Screamer". We will be meeting at the Starlite Diner in Fogelsville for breakfast around 8am and the ride plans to leave around 9:15am, so please be ready. Late comers might get left, so don't be late!

For those that know us - many enjoy this one as it's one of our most popular rides. The “Shamokin Screamer" encompasses the very challenging and technical section of the famous RT 125 path that most have either heard about or are familiar with - and we waited for the pavement to dry - bring your fresh rubber because is newly paved and ready for us to break it in CSBA Style!

We've shorten the route a bit and will be enjoying a hearty lunch at Masser's Restaurant and Catering in Paxinos. This ride concludes at a Hess on RT 125 near “Sweet Arrow Lane” in Pinegrove, PA.for those wanting to know the end point. Come out and enjoy the roads with us. Remember all our riders are required to wear their protective gear and select their riding group (see below for details).

All bikes and beliefs are welcome, please let us know if you or any friends are coming (send them invites). Please ensure that you and any friends both read and comply with our ride policy, www.pacsba.org/join/ride-policy. Also please come to the diner with a FULL TANK OF GAS. We will not be making additional stops during the rides - just the scheduled stops approximately every 80-100 miles. There are two gas stations on either side of route 100 near the diner, so please fuel up before the ride. Thanks!

Lastly, please if you decide to join us for the day, we ask that you select a pace and group in which you desire to ride (below on pinned post) to start the day out with - you can always change your group later - it's just to help us assign you a rider leader and group to get the day started off right. Thanks again!

Plan to make this one if you can - it will be one of those great rides that will create wonderful memories. We hope you can make it… Let’s Ride!

Event picture was taken and provided by courtesy of "Kenneth Neely Photography” :)

The Facebook event is viewable here: www.facebook.com/events/1705280576178178/
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CSBA Ride Report – Shamokin Screamer October 7th, 2017 1 year 5 months ago #796

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CSBA Ride Report – Shamokin Screamer October 7th, 2017

- Shamokin Screamer Promo -

It’s always a blessing to enjoy our CSBA Family – and for that fellowship I am most grateful….

Finally – we actually pulled off a scheduled ride this year – and it was so worth the wait! People were itching for a good ride (22 in attendance) on what would be the perfect day for a ride – beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and beautiful people. The only thing that wasn’t perfect (if you were in the slower ranks) was the traffic (more on that later in this report).

For the first time in a long time, we had a lot of experienced riders in the ranks – people came ready to get it in – which is always a good thing. Our man Ron W. was so serious that he brought his bike in a trailer – he was determined not to miss the day. (so awesome to have him with us – see picture)

- Ron putting in his fuel – prepping his bike for the day -

The challenge – we did have some cruisers and smaller bikes with us (had a 125cc biker too) - so our slogan of all bikes; all beliefs was surely tested. The good news is that’s the rock the CSBA stands on and we weren’t about to change – so creative minds solved the challenge and everyone was accommodated.

CSBA rides are never boring, and usually my ride in sets the tone for the day for some reason. Traveling west to our meet-up spot I encountered dead stop traffic. Several bikers on Harley’s were also staggered in lanes and when I came up, the option was given to lead the way for a single lane through that dense traffic. We took advantage of that grace and made it to the ride rally point on time, thanks to that cleared path. With so many folks coming out for the day, the one thing I didn’t have present was extra ride leaders – but what we did have was cooperation. The chase group (led by Rusty) was actually broken up into 2 groups with Alan C. serving as our anchorman for both – being the sweep for the chase group and semi-leader for the cruiser group. It worked – they were able to keep an eye on the rear and Pink Barbie (Ana) was the lead-point for that group. We later heard our friend on the 125 was doing gymnastics and took a tumble and a Honda Repsol also miscalculated a turn and tore up their plastics – but the key was no injuries. I had the F1 group, and some experienced guys sitting behind me – so I tried to keep them awake – I heard that our F1 sweeper (Rick J.) finally was able to spread his wings a little – so that meant the pace was at least decent. ☺

Our morning “Rules of the Road and Ride” message was well received – and I nearly forgot our prayer of protection – but Bev gave me the reminder… then we re-huddled up for our worship prayer for safety.

- Ride Meeting – Reviewing Rules for the Road / Ride -

We reviewed the riding groups, lined up according to groups and then I took my F1 riders and we were out. I didn’t see our Chase group again until lunch. Rusty is the one with all the stories – since his group encountered all sorts of challenges (traffic, 2 downed riders, delays to lunch, etc..) but he’s a leader and got his crew to the lunch spot. The F1 group carved the roads like a precision machine – moving as one for most of the morning. We did encounter some slow moving traffic, but we managed to get around it. On a personal note – I had a rocky start, but shook it off within a few miles of our twisties start. On a 15mph left quick turn, I went in a little hot and picked up some sand through the apex of the turn. My traction control was there (saved me) but my rear went into a big wobble and fishtailing. I pushed through it and kept getting up – but it did make me aware that my rear was a little slicker than normal – time to swap out new rubber. After that little warning, I was on point the rest of the day. I later heard a few of our F1 riders were experiencing slipping throughout the day. Never boring, that’s for sure.

One of the “Tips and Hints” of the day was calling out the loose sand and gravel on the route – and I got caught up with my own advice. I’m not exactly sure what took our other riders out and caused them to fall, but I do know we avoided incident with law enforcement and no one was injured or property damage affected. We give thanks to those that quickly responded and kept the teams and ranks together. We never want to hear of our friends falling, but big thanks to all that helped and made sure the incident was minimized and contained as best as possible.

When we became within 8 miles of our gas and lunch stop, we encountered staggering halted traffic. With literally no detour or alternate route to take, we braved the stop and go until we put on hazards and single filed our way out of that mess. Turns out it was a big craft fair at a local camp ground (remember me sharing I had to single file in the am too?) that was bringing cars from everywhere it seemed. We hit our gas stop on time and managed to get to our lunch stop with time to spare. Our chase group wasn’t as lucky. Rusty and the chase group finally made it about 45 mins later. We enjoyed a great lunch at a new lunch spot: Masser’s Restaurant in Paxinos. The food was great and it was literally right on our abbreviated route (we shortened the route to accommodate the shortened day). Joe C. from our CSBA Racing team was planning to ride the afternoon with us and did show up just in time to catch the F1 group after lunch. He reported a screw in his tire, which he was struggling to get repaired prior. It’s always something. Our message for the day was very fitting (see below) and timely, so it was my joy to present it. After giving the message, we mounted up for a shortened part 2. With cameras on, we were ready to hit that new pavement of RT125; a roller-coaster of quick banked turns, long sweepers, elevation changes and full on twisties. If that afternoon haze and tiredness was kicking in because of the great lunch, you surely woke up for this segment. Just as we were starting to launch and in downtown Shamokin, someone in a sedan with his family approached us on our right at a traffic light (you can see it in the videos), very upset – cursing us out. I’m not sure what his problem was since I don’t remember anything eventful happening up to this point. We let him rant and rave – the light turned green and we cruised off in preparation for our RT125 run. The remainder was memorialized on my memory banks as a truly fun run through the twisties. This segment was also captured on video to enjoy. I was blessed to have a well experienced pack with me and we cut through those roads like a hot knife through butter. Fun was had by all.

In summary, it was a great day of riding. The weather was ideal, we had adventures to overcome, but all in all as we normally do - we tried to give everyone a fun and great experience. Some of our F1 group had to cut out at the finish of our ride (including me) so we said our goodbyes and mounted up. Rick J. hung back and waited for Rusty’s group to arrive at the finishing point since it was their plan to ride home at the end of the day together.

I wanted to take this moment, as I always do, to thank everyone for your participation, involvement and giving attitudes on our rides. These rides are designed for you, our riders, to enjoy the roads with us. We’re promoting a fellowship and an environment in which we want you to come and enjoy your love with others that share your passion of riding. Is it a lot of work to keep it organized and fun? YES – you bet it is! But it’s so worth it for me to see you enjoy the roads with us as much as I enjoy your company.

We look forward to enjoying your company at our next street event “Pounding the Poconos” Ride/Run. [ www.facebook.com/events/152904725311459/ ] . This is one you surely won’t want to miss, then again – do you really want to miss any of them? For more great pictures of this event, visit the face book event page for our “Shamokin Screamer” Ride here: [www.facebook.com/events/1705280576178178/] or visit us on our website at www.pacsba.org.

It was great to have everyone with us. For those that missed this one, we look forward to seeing you in the ranks in November, God willing. Blessings to you all!

- John with Greg – He came over from work to say hi to the team -

Navigating Those Blind Turns With Eyes That Refuse to See?

“They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people…”

We’ve all been there, we’re preparing to lean into a turn and we just can’t see what’s up ahead into that blind spot. We start to navigate the approach: We calculate the apex from a quick scan and feel the general radius of the turn. We prepare our body position, set our lean angle, hold our line – and then, well we trust our skills and our machines to carry us through that blind spot – FAITH! If only we had a spotter or another set of eyes on the other side of that turn to really know….

The Bible tells us that we have two sets of eyes. We have our physical eyes – but we also have spiritual eyes too. With one set we see the physical world around us, while with other we discern the spiritual truths God has set forth for us in His Word. Tragically, some who are able to see physically do not see spiritually - and spiritual blindness keeps us from knowing God. Just as going into a blind turn without good technique brings on more angst and doubt, spiritual blindness blocks our life blessings.

Sometimes physical blindness can be prevented or cured. Spiritual blindness, however, is caused by sin – and only the Lord Jesus Christ can cure spiritual blindness because only He can take away our sin.

When we come to Christ, He comes to live within us by His Holy Spirit – and He then opens our spiritual eyes to God’s truth. This is one reason why the Bible is important, because God uses it to help us discern His truth. Just as we practice our lean angles and turning into blind turns with technique and faith, we must look to God and receive from Him the cure for your spiritual blindness. He will open your eyes to his love (if you allow him), so you can learn to trust Him no matter what your troubles are. Just as your ride leaders guide you through these turns we enjoy, God will guide you by opening your eyes to His will if you open your heart to him and his will for an abundance life on your behalf.

Rest in this news friends: If you don’t know the Lord and want to learn more about him, please don’t hesitate to talk with me, or your CSBA Brother & Sisters here – as we are here to be that light on the hill for you. Don’t be on an island and/or afraid to ask. Blessings!

- Christian Flag -
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CSBA Ride Report – Shamokin Screamer October 7th, 2017 1 year 4 months ago #804

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Great job as always John and crew. B)
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