PACSBA June 8, 2019 Pocono Screamer Ride

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Notice: ** Due to unforeseen circumstances this ride has been moved to Saturday June 8, 2019. Our apologies for the inconvenience and we hope that you all can still attend next week. We hope to be able to hold our rides during the originally scheduled dates moving forward the rest of the season. Thank you. **

On Saturday, June 8, 2019, the Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the Christian Sport Bike Association will be having it's June Monthly Ride - the "Pocono Screamer". We will be meeting at the Starlite Diner located at 233 PA-100, Allentown, PA 18106 for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and departing on the ride at 9:15 a.m.

Our famous “Pocono Screamer” will start at 9:00 a.m. which includes a stop at Hawks Nest by Port Jervis, NY just after our scheduled lunch at Ehrhardt's Waterfront Restaurant. This ride is technical and moves, thus why its named "Screamer". The ride ends near Mt. Pocono near I-380 and rt. 940. Come out and enjoy the roads with us. Remember all of our riders are required to wear their protective gear.

All bikes and beliefs are welcome, please let us know if you or any of your friends are coming (it's ok to forward them invites). Please ensure however that you and any friends both read and comply with our ride policy, Also please come to the diner with a FULL TANK OF GAS. We will not be making additional stops during the rides - just the scheduled stops. There are two gas stations on either side of route 100 near the diner, so please fuel up before the ride. Thanks!

Lastly, please if you decide to join us for the day and are on Facebook, we ask that you select a pace and group in which you desire to ride and start the day out with (below on pinned post on the Facebook event page) - you can always change your group later - it’s just to help us assign you a ride leader and group to get the day started off right. Thanks again!

Facebook Event Page:

The event will be subject to weather, so make sure you check back prior to ride day. We hope you can make it… Lets Ride!
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CSBA Ride Report – Poconos Screamer June 8th, 2019

- The view from the morning start point – Starlite Diner

We give thanks to God for His wisdom and His Blessings….

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something….. well that last one can be whatever you want it to be today, but it was anything from “Blue” as people were in great spirits and ready to ride! I would best describe today’s ride as “Epic”, but more on why that designation later in this report.

This ride was also pushed back 1 week. We had several challenges to deal with, and as we always do – we collectively decided it was best to postpone 1 week to overcome them. I know this ride is a favorite among many, so we apologize again to our friends, but we want our rides to provide an organized experience that all can enjoy, not just a select few – so we had to slide the date.

Chris A. (NJ) wanted to be fresh for this ride, so he came out the night before and stayed with me so he could be ready for the day. I was surprised not to see Zsolt among the ranks – he was missed. I did see new faces (Something new) was is always nice. I didn’t catch everyone’s names, but I’ll be sure to prior to our next ride and include them (here) on this report. We had 26 riders present and accounted for, so the message was clear – we’re ready to ride! Russ overcame all his challenges from the previous week, and Rick J was on deck, ready to lead – so we had three groups. We started the day also with two ladies (Annette and Lindsey), but Jojo and Lindsey had to break off once we reached the lunch spot for family demands. Hans and some of the ON2 crew showed up to rep their team. Derek ran into a little trouble on his Busa and broke his mirror, but I later heard he was ok. He promised he would be back, but his team came together and left together after the lunch spot. We had the usual suspects otherwise (Chris H, Russ's new friend Chris, Jason, Geoff and 2 of his buds, a new friend from DE and his brother, Alan, Rick J, and his son’s bud, and Bob) along with an honorable mention for Greg. Greg has not been able to ride with us for some time now but has shown his support by coming down to rides and having fellowship with us prior to our rides. I was very happy to see him in gear and ready to ride this day. The something old (me) was ready to get it in, so we assembled for our morning meeting and then we were ready to hit it.

During our ride meeting, as I always do, we reviewed all our rules for the ride and road, and of course, the question of gear came up. One of the riders’ present didn’t have gear…. Of course, that’s a big No-No for a CSBA ride. Lucky for him his bud lived close by – so he ran home and grabbed a jacket. We never want to turn riders away, but our rules are in place for a reason. Our rules are important and we stress that before and during our rides – riders that want to enjoy the day with us must bring their gear. He promised me he was going to buy a new jacket and be compliant moving forward. I think he actually had a great time with us, so I’m sure we’ll see him again.

We lined up and then moved out – this route really starts north of the Bath area, but we needed to do a short slab ride up Route 78/22 and then PA512 to get to our ride start. I wanted to grab video of us starting out, but that was a fail for me since I didn’t see if the counter was actually active on my camera. That was sad since I did successfully capture video just prior. I think it has to do with my gloves – I need to do better with that. I did, however, recover from my previous Garmin GPS fail with this ride with a new app I was using called “Scenic”. The routes load in nicely and since it uses offline mapping, there was no delay because of cell towers or data requirements. The only element is you do have to have an idea of where you’re going since the turn-by-turn instructions pop-up on you if you’re not paying attention. I had a few near misses, and one outright fail just after lunch where I took the team on some true back roads there for a bit, but all-in-all, a very good experience for me.

As always, once the route settled in and we got up to pace – the F1 team put a little distance from the pack. We decided it best to resort back to the original route (402) which of course allowed for some to really stretch out and explore some limits. On the way up Jason jumped ahead and ran point and really raised the bar – so much so that he ran away from me (that guy is so quick on that S1000RR) – Geoff and I rolled up and give chase, but we just didn’t have the lines that I felt were safe enough to stay in there with him. Once to the end of 402, we parked and wait for our F1 crew to catch up, then since we were so far ahead on time, we decided it best to hit the gas first and then venture over the lunch spot. Of course, Jason was already at the lunch spot, relaxing and talking to one of his buds that met us there for the afternoon run.

The second group and chase group arrived within 10 mins of each other, which was a successful morning – The Dock knew we were coming and was ready for us. They gave us the entire pub room and the food was amazing! We were all seated and ordering our food by 12:15p.

- Message from The Dock – Out Lunch Stop -

After lunch, many of our friends broke up and went their separate ways because of family commitments. I gave my afternoon message “Confidence about the Future..” and a brief ride meeting for the afternoon events. As we were heading up towards the Hawks Nest, I failed to turn at the right spot, taking our team through some dirt and gravel laden roads. I turned too early, but the good news is we managed to come out on the true route after a few twists and turns, but we somehow bypassed the local traffic – so we had some nice twisties we got to enjoy at pace. That was fun. We crossed into NY and then we had to really watch our speed. On our way to Hawks Nest, there was a roadblock with the local police, stating that the nest was closed and we were sent on a detour. We took that detour for a few miles and once I found a safe spot for us to stop, we pulled off and regrouped. We decided that was a good turning point and more friends decided to part from us there.

For the 6-8 remaining, we turned around and finished the afternoon route. This is where we really turned up the heat. I knew there were some good twisties once we crossed over Route 6, so I stepped us up and ran them at pace, with Jason on my heels. Just before we came to the 402 junction, I nearly hit a turtle crossing the street. Jason stopped and helped the little guy out – getting him to the other side. Once we made our turn onto 402 heading south – the ride temp would be raised yet again. I gave Jason the go ahead and then we moved the pace up. I wasn’t going to let him completely run away from me this time… So it was him and I. We dialed it up so much that we didn’t see anyone else from that point for about 20 mins. What a treat for me to actually follow and not lead for once, the pace was HOT and we were in the zone. Made me remember my track days. Great memories – so I give thanks again to Jason for showing me a great run this afternoon. Geoff, you should have come with us…. We made much better time I’m sure. 

- A great shot of Geoff and Chris A. as we’re leaving the lunch spot -

- Geoff, his bud Ben and Chris A. riding sweep over to our gas stop -

We ended the day at the gas stop just prior to Route 80 and exchanged our stories from the ride. Such a fun day – I am so thankful for you all. I heard nothing but great banter and compliments throughout the day about the ride event. Before heading home, I made my customary stop at Sheetz and ran into Andrew and a few other friends – talking about the CSBA ride. What a compliment – Great roads, great fellowship, great food, and great weather – what more can a guy ask for?

As I always do, I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone for your continued participation, involvement and giving attitudes on our rides and events. Whether you come out to ride or just break bread with us – we welcome your participation. These rides are designed for you, our riders, to enjoy the roads and have fellowship with us. We’re promoting a fellowship and an environment in which we want you to come and enjoy your love with others that share your passion for riding.

Visit our CSBA Day @ the Races Event page ( for additional information or our next street event “Dive into Delaware” Ride. [ ]. All our rides are great – so try to arrange to make one of them if you can. For more great pictures and videos of today’s event, visit the facebook event page for our “Poconos Screamer” Ride here: [] or visit us on our website at

On behalf of the CSBA and our chapter, we give thanks to you for coming and enjoying the day with us. See you again soon and don’t hesitate to reach out to me (or any CSBA member) with any and all questions you may have about our rides or the CSBA Organization. Blessings to you all!

- Bob giving the thumbs up – He’s ready to ride!

- Two of our veteran riders exchanging notes before we start out – Alan and Rick

- Greg was able to make this ride – Shown with one of our ON2 friends and Rick’s Buddy

- Our star for the day Jason – and a new friend

Confidence About the Future…

Trust in God; trust also in me… I am going there to prepare a place for you…
JOHN 14:1-2 NIV

Recently I came across some very old (26 yrs old) videotapes that I had transferred from VHS format to digital format. These memories are near and dear to me, so I wanted to take measures to safeguard them for time to come. While viewing those tapes and stepped back in time, it became very apparent to me about my blessings of discernment in life and my confidence about my then future. Watching those wonderful memories reinforced two (2) main messages within me: What a great reminder to me of where I came from, and reinforcement to me of where I was heading then and now in my life in general… I was sharing a subliminal message with my children about their tomorrows, but that message was also to me too. The message: stay encouraged - have the courage to dream big and move boldly towards your hopes, dreams, and goals in life…. But how do we do that? How can we truly know our future and the correct steps to take in life? Where do we get an accurate crystal ball from?

Almost since the dawn of the human race, people have tried to discern the future. The horoscopes published in many daily newspapers are evidence that it still goes on today. Just a few days ago my life partners son was questioning, what will I become? He’s just 15yr old. Thank God he is searching that now. Today is the time to start thinking of our tomorrows…. Truth!

Jesus shared with his disciples this advice about our tomorrows: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble…” MATTHEW 6:33-34 – You might say, that’s great – don’t worry about tomorrow, but how do I best prepare for it?

As Christians, though – we believe that only God truly knows the true future and that we are to look to Him – not to the stars or the tea leaves or the lines on the palm of our hands – to find and gleam confidence for the future. Some of these attempts to learn what the future holds are merely harmless, foolish or useless themes for entertainment purposes only, but these things can never give you the answers to life’s deepest questions – especially where you will spend eternity. Committing your life to Christ is a path that will yield you joyous confidence that your future is securely in His hands, tomorrow and forever.

Once you’re able to rest in that peace, the focus will come clearer for you in your tomorrows. Just as exercise makes us physically stronger, exercising our faith by sharing it with others and doing God’s work makes us spiritually stronger. We are taught, we must ask (through prayer) for the things we want. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way - humble yourself and bend a knee. Take some time and spend it with your heavenly Father. If you don’t know the Lord and want to learn more about him, please don’t hesitate to talk with me, or your friends here. The CSBA serves as your Godly guide and as a light to help guide you, not only for your riding but for your spirit too. Don’t be afraid to ask – that is why we are here. Blessings!
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